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A Tour of Spilled.ink

Spilled.ink is a hosted email service.

Why spilled.ink?

  1. 25 GB of geo-redundant storage.
  2. Use a custom domain name for email addresses.
  3. Support for APNS so you get iPhone push notifications.
  4. Spilled.ink will never have ads or third-party tracking.
  5. Server asset fetching keeps your location private from advertisers when you use a native email client.
  6. Open source software. Spilled.ink paid services exist to support the spilled.ink open source project.

Custom domain names

Register a domain like yourlastname.email and make your email address firstname@yourlastname.email.

Every account can have a dozen email aliases, so if you usually go by David but friends from high school call you Dave, you can have both addresses.

iOS Push Notifications

Using services like gmail, your iPhone default mail app checks for new messages every 15 minutes or so. By implementing iOS Push Notifications, your phone is informed immediately when new email is available.

It uses less power too, which helps your battery life.

Server asset fetch

A typical corporate email is written in rich HTML and includes a lot of images. These images are not in the email sent to you, instead the HTML directs your email client to fetch them from the web.

With a normal email hosting service, this fetch happens the moment you open a message, and reveals your IP address, along with your location and when you opened the email to the company that sent it.

In contrast, Spilled.ink fetches all related images on server as soon as the email is received and encodes them into the message. This hides your location, and whether or not you opened the message, from trackers.

It is your inbox. Read it or don't, and don't tell anyone about it.

Human Support, for humans

Having troubles with your account? Write to support@spilled.ink.

You talk directly to the engineer who built Spilled.ink.

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